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Press reports

Le 7 janvier 2016
"La découverte de ces 24 Préludes et Fugues pour piano de Vsevolod Zaderatski nous plonge dans l’exil d’un homme condamné au silence impitoyable des goulags soviétiques. Le testament d’un destin dramatique… inspiré par Bach. Jascha Nemtsov... défend cette œuvre difficile et sans fard avec le ton qui convient, fait de rigueur, d’amertume et de désolation, également de souffrance et de nostalgie, voire parfois d’ironie. Ce témoignage de grande valeur sera-t-il suffisant pour mener le chef-d’œuvre de Zaderatski à la connaissance du plus grand nombre ? En tout cas, il existe, et à ce titre offre une ultime chance de survivre à cette fatalité implacable." (Jean-Luc Caron)

June 26, 2015
"Festival Reveals Piano Gems From A Siberian Prison. The most exciting, if tragic, revelation was a cycle of preludes and fugues by Zaderatsky, performed in their entirety for the first time, by the Russian-born pianist Jascha Nemtsov... As performed in two afternoon concerts, the works reveal a melodic invention and mastery of form that establish Zaderatsky as a major voice in 20th-century piano music... The works consistently demand tremendous virtuosity from both hands, with layered, unexpectedly shifting textures. Nemtsov’s performance can only be described as a virtuosic feat. He brought out the individual character of each piece while maintaining immaculate technique." (Rebecca Schmid)

Juli 2014
"Man muss dieses hoch originelle, von jüdischen Kantorengesängen inspirierte Werk [2. Sonate von G. Krein] unbedingt mehrmals intensiv hören, um es in seiner ganzen Komplexität und Schönheit zu erfassen. Jascha Nemtsov... entpuppt sich als idealer Interpret dieser fremden Musik. Auch die traditionelleren, mehr in der Romantik verwurzelten Werke von Alexander Krein spielt Nemtsov mit nobler Tongebung und spürbarem Engagement. Eine wichtige und ausgezeichnete CD!" (Burkhard Schäfer)

Mai 2014
"When you hear the quality of the music on this CD, you'll wonder what else is hidden behind portals that remains to be discovered, and there is indeed an astonishing amount of music by these composers that has not yet been anywhere near a microphone... Nemtsov is an elegant and convincing guide in this unfamiliar repertoire, his tone warm and his rhythms articulate. His piano has an agreeable rounded sound, although the pedal action is too readily audible at times. All the works here are first recordings. A fascinating release." (Martin Anderson)

9. September 2013
"Mit dem fantastisch aufspielenden Duo David Geringas (Violoncello) und Jascha Nemtsov (Klavier) haben die Komponisten ein perfektes, sensibles, virtuoses und höchst musikalissches Sprachrohr bekommen, das das Publikum zu Begeisterungsstürmen hinriss."

November 4th, 2011
"As a soloist and an accompanist, Nemtsov favored a cleanly articulated touch that powered the percussive drive of the dance movements."

"I made the acquaintance of the Shostakovich sonata through the Oistrakh and Richter recording... It's been a faithful friend all this time, but to me Blacher and Nemtsov surpass it. It may be a question of standing on the shoulders of giants, but the new team penetrates the score more deeply... Blacher and Nemtsov get more of the horror, and their heroism seems more mature." (Steve Schwartz)

November 2008
"Jascha Nemtsov... presents himself as a worthy descendant of Liszt and his pupils. Particularly his interpretations of the introverted, harmonically adventurous Rhapsodies like the Third with his flexible gliding changes of tempo are an excellent success."

GERMAN RECORD CRITICS PRIZE 2/2007 for the CD with Sonatas by Shostakovich and Weinberg (Kolja Blacher, violin; Jascha Nemtsov, piano)

May 4th, 2007
"Pianist Jascha Nemtsov might have stumbled into a musical career, but his work as a Jewish musicologist marks him out as a master of his craft"
Portrait by Michael Dervan
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June 2006
"...a superb trio of musicians playing Shostakovich... a brilliantly conceived programme": David Fannings about the CD Piano Trios with works by Mieczyslaw Weinberg and Dmitri Shostakovich.
"Trained in Leningrad but resident in Germany since 1992, Jascha Nemtsov has been making a name for himself both as pianist and scholar, mainly for his work with little-known music by Soviet Jewish composers. In these trios he is fully the equal of his better-known partners, displaying an admirably clean technique and a sensitive but never self-indulgent temperament."
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April 2006
The CD Piano Trios is the DISC OF THE MONTH April 2006 - "A showcase for a neglected composer's trio and the work that influenced it"
"With so many fine recordings of Shostakovich's Piano Trio No. 2 available, one could easily question the justification for the release of yet another version. Not in this case however. Pianist Jascha Nemtsov, instigator of an auspicious series of CDs that specifically explore the neglected repertory of Russian composers of Jewish origin, has here devised a brilliantly imaginative and clearly recorded programme, presenting the angst-ridden Shostakovich within the context of other works that betray a similar influence from Jewish folk music... this new version must be regarded as a strong front-runner, particularly given the unusual interest of the rest of the disc."
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June 2004
Nemtsov is the driving force, effecting the widest possible range of colour and nuance from the keyboard.

Fanfare Magazine
May/June 2004
Ingolf Turban and Jascha Nemtsov play these works by Achron with such passionate intensity as to heighten the paradox of their obscurity even within the oeuvre of a relatively obscure compaser. Neither performer lets up from the first note to the last in a program of exceptional technical brilliance and volcanic musical energy. Hänssler's lively recorded sound and written reflections by both performers complete a package that should appeal broadly, as well as specifically to string players, who should feel grateful to Hänssler for having chosen Achron as the first subject of its musica rara - musica famosa series. Strongly recommended.

June 2003
This disc is pure pleasure from first to last... No less attractive is the playing of [Turban's] accompanist, the Russian-Jewish pianist Jascha Nemtsov. The whole disc represents a meeting of equals and affords much pleasure... Wholeheartedly recommended. This disc is a box of life-affirming delights waiting to be opened.

Klassik heute
November 2001
The intensity of this music indeed has an enormous stylistic potential beyond commonplace classical and avant-garde models... The interpretations are breathtakingly artistic in a spirit transcending Paganini.

American Record Guide
September 2001
No matter how many times I hear these Achron pieces, I never tire of them. Achron was such a talented and multi-dimensional composer... All the playing is extremely meaningful, beautiful, and very exciting... Between this recording and the recording Nemtsov made with Zimmermann, this extremely rich and brief period of Russian Jewish history is represented for all of its substantial worth.

Das Orchester
June 2001
This recording is in many ways a must for friends of chamber music.

Fono Forum
March 2001
Their works are sometimes humoristic sometimes tragic, folkloristic or polyphonic. They are all the more worth listening to as Nemtsov is a superb interpreter.

Neue Zeitschrift für Musik
January/February 2001
... in the Tabea Zimmermann's and Jascha Nemtsov's superb interpretations such immediate and vivid music that it is beyond comprehension why it slumbered so long in the archives.

American Record Guide
January 2001
All of this music benefits from the care that Nemtsov and EDA have taken with it. The playing is confident and sensitive, the sound clear, strong, and natural. Included are Nemtsov's eloquent and informative notes (expertly translated)...

Tagblatt (Switzerland)
December 13, 2000
Whoever listens to this music asks himself whether there is really a feeling of quality in the history of music.

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung
December 1, 2000
Nemtsov, who also put together the excellent texts, plays these attractive works with great precision even in complicated parts. For him the internal emotion is more important than effects... The stylistical polymorphic pieces document what rebellious originality was concentrated in St.Petersburg and Moscow.

November/December 2000
The Russian-Jewish school had developed a fascinating sound language in the first half of the century...

Klassik heute
January 2000
In this case the title of the series "fascinating music" really does live up to its promises: Each and every one of the pieces here is a genuine discovery... The sensational and deeply moving result is now available as a CD.

Berliner Tagesspiegel
May 9, 1999
All this bears witness to a highly interesting chapter of European musical history...

Dresdner Neueste Nachrichten
March 6, 1998
Nemtsov is an astonishing pianist. Virtuosity combined with excellent expression ...

Jüdische Rundschau (Switzerland)
Dezember 11, 1997
The musician who grew up in Leningrad permits participation in an artistic adventure, which is without any doubt one of the most exciting in the musical history of our century... The name of this extremely talented pianist should be noted!

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